About Snooty Ooty

Written by Caroline

 Snooty Ooty was born out of a love of jewellery and a visit to India.



I studied Textiles at college and a good few years after leaving enrolled on some silversmithing courses and after completing these I began to make my own silver and semi - precious gemstone jewellery as a hobby.

When I visited India in 2008 I stumbled across a small workshop in Kerala where silver jewellery was being handmade and so, after designing too many pieces to remember, I decided that when I got home I would start putting more time in to my own jewellery. That workshop I now know as Jewels Sky and I am still in constant contact with them.


I hope to expand my range to include a separate line of pieces that are made in that very workshop. You can see examples of designs so far by visiting the projects page.


On my return I did dtart to make more jewellery, mainly for family and friends, and in 2013 I took the plunge and started going to local craft fairs and markets selling my own handmade silver and semi precious gemstone jewellery.

At the moment the items I make are generally one off pieces and I do not sell through the website but if you are interested in any of the items on the website, would like to commission your own piece or would like to find out more about holding your own jewellery party please do not hesitate to contact me or alternatively find me at one of the fairs or markets I will be attending this year.

I look forward to seeing you.

Last Updated on Feb092014